Full Episode: October 24, 2016
Featured: John Lawson, Brigette VanHuisstede, J.Kevin Butcher and Ron Mainse
God Is Our Refuge And Strength / Brigette VanHuisstede
Maggie sits down with Brigette VanHuisstede, who shares about her cancer journey and how God has given her peace and refuge.
Joe sits down with John Lawson, who shares his testimony about finding Jesus while in prison.
Inspiring Heroes / HOT TOPIC
Joe and Maggie reflect and discuss who their heroes in their lives are.
Young Leaders / JOANNA LA FLEUR
Carey Nieuwhof continues his interview sessions with the next generation. Today he is joined by Joanna la Fleur, Director of Communications at C4 Church.
Healthy Eating For Kids
Shelly is joined by Alexandria, Abigail and Alexia, in which she shows them how they can eat healthy food and snacks.
Can You Be Faithful Without Faith? / HOT TOPIC
Maggie and Cheryl discuss if there is a possibility of being faithful with out believing in your faith.
Little Boy Baptizes Himself / HOT TOPIC
Maggie and Cheryl share a video clip of a six year old boy who just couldn't wait to be baptized!
Marriage: The Foundation For a Healthier Life / ANDREA MROZEK
Joe Amaral & Cheryl Weber speak with Andrea Mrozek - who is the program director of Cardus Family - about the benefits of marriage on individual and public health.
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