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Full Episode: June 27, 2022
Featured guests: Bruce Marchiano, Pastor A.R. Bernard and Cal Bombay
One Minute of Wisdom - God's Vision for the Nation /A.R. BERNARD
Pastor A.R. Bernard leads the largest church in New York City and is known for words of wisdom that can change anyone's day.
The Actor you know as Jesus / BRUCE MARCHIANO
As of 2021, the Actor Bruce has played Jesus in at least ten films. Bruce has been a friend to the show for many years and Lara caught up with him.
June 27 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Genesis 1-2, and Genesis 1:27 is the key verse.
June 26 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Matthew 27-28, and Matthew 28:6 is the key verse.
June 25 / 100 WORDS
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Matthew 26, and Matthew 26:32 is the key verse.
The Power of the Heart / ALEX HENRY FOSTER
Montreal born Singer/Songwriter Alex Henry Foster talks about his father's decision to follow Jesus after many tough years. But Alex wasn't quite ready to accept the changes and forgive.
Hope - Devotional / LARA WATSON
The concept of hope is in the Bible over a hundred times! Lara talks about what hope is for us today.
A Life Worth Living / CAL BOMBAY
A Life Worth Living combines tales of dangerous misadventures, encounters of faith (and fear!), impressive accomplishments and moments of the truly miraculous. Cal takes you on a journey of his life.
Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.
- Psalm 127:3 NLT
Dear God, help me to always see my children as gifts from you. As I mother them from day to day - give me your unconditionally love and the wisdom that I need to be a great mother. Show me how to raise each individual child. May I please you in everyway, everyday.