Full Episode: November 26, 2015
Featured: Dr. Neil T. Anderson, Margaret Manning Shull
Coloring is Good Relaxation Technique
Coloring is Good Relaxation Technique
Are Tech Toys Safe for Our Kids?
Magdalene John and Carey Nieuwhof talk about the new wave of tech savvy toys and the dangers they pose for our kids.
We Can All Share the Message of Jesus!
Carey Nieuwhof speaks with Margaret Manning Shull about how we can speak to unbelievers in our life about our faith in a natural way.
Girls with Swords / LISA BEVERE
Lisa Bevere shares her book, "Girls with Swords" - What if you discovered you have been entrusted with an invisible, invincible, and incorruptible weapon? Would you use it? Move beyond study and wield the Word of God.
Lasting Impacting / Carey Nieuwhof
Shelly Calcagno speaks with Carey Nieuwhof about his book "Lasting Impact" which shares seven conversations that will help your church grow and have a lasting impact.
Beauty from Ashes // BROOKE NICHOLLS
Beauty from Ashes // BROOKE NICHOLLS
Smart Money, Smart Kids / RACHEL CRUZE
Rachel Cruze co-authored "Smart Money, Smart Kids" with her father, Dave Ramsey to help equip parents to teach their kids how to avoid making money mistakes, while learning key principles of money management!
The Importance of Ministry to Young People
Lynda Bonus shares her work through Youth Unlimited and the importance of ministry to young people.
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