Full Episode: May 25, 2016
Featured: John Bevere, Brian Hardin, Shaila Visser, Emily & Aaron Armstrong, Dimas Salaberrios
Heavenly Language / LISA BEVERE
A teaching with Lisa Bevere on her book, "Girls with Swords"
Reaching Your Prodigal
Phil Waldrep shares the lessons he has learned from years of researching prodigals, providing parents with the answers they seek.
The Power of the Prayer Lines
We get a lot of calls in our prayer centre on a daily basis. It has been such a blessing to be able to help pray with so many all throughout the nation.
Blessed by Blessing Others
The prayer lines have not only blessed the people who called in for help and prayers, but it also continues to encourage all of us as we see lives being transformed on a daily basis.
A Powerful Testimony - From Suicidal to Saved
We received a phone call from a caller who is very distraught. Through the call, we managed to lead this person to Christ. At the end, the caller left with a renewed sense of hope again.
The Power of the Prayer Lines
It is truly a privilege to share Jesus with people all over the world. Prayer never fails and God never fails.
Jesus Accepts Everyone
The most common type of calls we get at our prayer centre are people thinking that they have walked too far away from God or that they have done too many wrongs for God to accept them again. Truth is, Jesus accepts you just as you are, no matter what
Be a Part of our Prayer Ministry Team
An invitation to become a part of our prayer ministry team and help the lost and hurting in our world today!
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