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Monday, February 15th, 2016

Brian C. Stiller
Brian C Stiller, Global Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) travels the world, meeting leaders in churches, politics and service agencies, representing the WEA in places of social, economic and political struggle. His blogging is to broker understanding and highlight the good news of Christian faith. Today Brian is here to share about his new book "Praying for the World" www.brianstiller.com www.worldea.org

Andrew Blackwood
Andrew Blackwood is a Teen, Individual, Couple and Family Coach & Counsellor. During the last 10 years as Andrew has worked intimately with youth, parents and couples, he has seen that developing healthy relationships (with oneself and others) is the key to living a fulfilled & happy life. With a Masters in Counseling and a Doctorate in Marriage & Family, Andrew has helped 100’s of families through all kinds of difficult situations including depression, anxiety, substance use, self harm, stress, anger, self-esteem, abuse, criminal activity and overall parent / teen & relationship conflict. www.dkleadership.com

Cathy Gulli
Cathy Gulli is a writer at Maclean's, where she often covers national, health, science and society issues. Recently Cathy wrote an article examining the stark reality: "Despite their very best intentions, parents are at risk of losing primacy over their children. And that’s a bad thing." Cathy explains her story in this interview.

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

Suzanne Niles
SUZANNE NILES, co-author of the book "Fast Friends", is the public relations and media representative for The Salvation Army Vision Network, Suzanne has worked in different facets of the entertainment business for several decades, including acting, producing, and arranging promotions through all types of media outlets. She has a passion for Jesus, networking and connecting people to the proper cause. "Fast Friends" is some of the account of Suzanne's journey and how God has blessed and moved in her life and in the lives of those she & Wendy have prayed and fasted for.

Wendy Simpson Little
WENDY SIMPSON LITTLE, co-author of the book "Fast Friends", is the owner and broker of a small real estate company in Central California. In her previous careers, she has been a stay at home mom, and taught 7th grade English and high school French. She has a passion for her friends and family, fun and life! She hopes to encourage other women in faith, prayer, and a love for God and his Word.

Melinda Estabrooks
Melinda has served as an advocate for social justice issues, a Host, media producer, reporter, and Cultural Correspondent. Melinda has also been a keynote speaker at conferences, retreats, churches and concerts throughout Canada for close to two decades. As a child Melinda was adopted from the Philippines. During a previous visit to the Philippines Melinda was able to locate her birth mother "Dory" and at that time noticed that her home had been totally destroyed in the hurricane. Melinda has just returned from another visit over Christmas during which time she facilitated the building a new home for Dory.

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

Casey Graham
Casey Graham is Founder & CEO of The Rocket Company. After several years on staff at a church, Casey decided to step out to start a business that would serve the Church and its leaders. He’s our fearless leader and keeps us moving in the right direction to help the Church succeed. When not leading our team, he’s a die-hard University of Alabama football fan – Roll Tide! https://therocketcompany.com/

Bob VandePol
Bob VandePol MSW serves as Executive Director of Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services’ Employee Assistance and Church Assistance programs. Prior to joining the Pine Rest team, he was President of Crisis Care Network, helping to lead it from a startup to the world’s largest provider of Critical Incident Response services to the workplace. Active as a keynote speaker, Mr. VandePol has published and been quoted in business and clinical journals, co-authored book chapters addressing workplace response to tragedy, and has been featured as subject matter expert in numerous video training series. He managed CCN’s Command Center in Manhattan after the 2001 terrorist attacks and frequently consults with businesses, universities, schools, and churches regarding how leaders can accelerate organizational recovery following crises.

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Rodric Williams
Rod Williams is the author of the book "The Real Deal". Rod's drug addiction began at college and quickly moved from cannabis to Ecstasy and eventually heroin and crack cocaine. He soon became heavily involved in dealing drugs and gambling in order to finance his drugs habit. Following an attempt to import class A drugs onto the island of Guernsey, Rod ended up in prison. This book details the ever greater power of Jesus, who saves lives and brings about a complete transformation to those lives which are on the path to utter destruction, in a way that nothing and no one else can. The book reveals how Gods love, grace and true forgiveness turn not only Rod’s life around, but also the lives of his long-time accomplices and shows how that has impacted hundreds of others lives for the better. The Real Deal also includes moving accounts of the effects of Rod’s choices from his police officer father, Chris Williams, prison officer sister, and his fellow addicts. http://therealdeal.org.uk/

Chris Williams

Friday, February 19th, 2016

Rachel Cruze
Rachel was born the year her parents, Dave and Sharon Ramsey, lost everything and filed for bankruptcy. She grew up watching the sacrifices they made, and she learned early how to save for the future, spend wisely, avoid debt, and give generously. Rachel's desire is to reach people and share the hard lessons her parents learned. It has become her passion and it's why she has spoken to audiences as large as 12,000 at the age of 15, and why she travels the country today encouraging audiences ranging from universities and nonprofits to corporations and associations.

Greg Musselman
Greg Musselman is Vice President of Media and Domestic Ministry for Voice of the Martyrs Canada. He travels to hostile nations to produce video documentaries of persecuted Christians. As a popular speaker, Greg shares the message of our persecuted family in churches around the world. Greg is also the author of, "Closer to the Fire - Lessons from the Persecuted Church" www.vomcanada.com

Dave Addison
Dave Addison is the Executive Director for the Toronto City Mission.

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