Upcoming Guests
Monday, August 22nd, 2016

Elizabeth Danna
Elizabeth Danna PhD, is a New Testament scholar and author. She has volunteered as a Ministry Prayer Representative at Crossroads since 1997. Her latest book is "The Stories of Jesus: A Study in the Parables". Elizabeth says that she draws on her experience on the Prayer Line in discussing how we are to apply the teaching of the parables to our lives.

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Diana Morgan
Diana Morgan is the Development & Volunteer Liaison – Crossroads Prayer Center.

David Mainse
David Mainse is Founder of Crossroads Family of Ministries & 100 Huntley Street. http://www.100words.ca

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

Laura Bronson

Gloria Willoughby
Gloria Willoughby is the Manager, Crossroads Prayer Centre and is here to talk about the Prayer Centre. Their motto is "Prayer is our first response, not our last resort!"

Bev Hadland
Bev is 100 Huntley Street’s own Outreach Ambassador. In September her plans take her to Quebec where she will be meeting with Chief Marcel Happy Jack of Waswanapi, Chief Richard Checapio of Misstissini, Chief Curtis Bosum of Ouje Bougoumou and missionaires Sandra and Chuck Morton of Chapais, Quebec. Bev will be able to present the ‘Louis Says’ package to each one.

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Dr. Wayne Hammond
Wayne Hammond, Ph.D is the Co-CEO, CSO for Meritcore.Dr. Hammond is the CO-CEO of Meritcore and president and executive director of Resiliency Initiatives Research Institute. He holds an adjunct status with the School of Medicine at the University of Calgary. Over the past twenty-five years, he has primarily worked with high-risk youth and their families with a focus on substance abuse and violence issues, as well as other related mental health concerns. He has served in clinical supervisory capacities, worked in a comprehensive residential treatment centre and has provided clinical services in an inpatient/outpatient forensic setting as well as an adolescent addiction program based in a hospital setting. He has published several scientific articles and has been an active lecturer with regards to various mental health concerns and the implications of strength-based practice related to working with complex adolescents and families as well as First Nation youth and their families.

Shauna Cowden
Shauna Cowden is the Social Media Lead for Crossroads/YesTV/Tricord Media.

Rob Ennema

Friday, August 26th, 2016

Grant Mullen
Dr. Grant Mullen is the author of the book "Emotionally Free," where he explains how you can be transformed in body, soul, and spirit. You will discover a freedom you never knew was possible and reach a better understanding of how to resolve depression, anxiety, and mood swings. Dr. Mullen has also published "The Breakthrough Solution," "Healthy Moods," and multiple teaching series. He has done many TV and radio interviews on Christian mental health. He hosts a free weekly video blog, which is distributed internationally. drgrantmullen.com.

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