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Monday, January 16th, 2017

Cal Bombay
On his return to Canada Cal Bombay had almost twenty-five years of experience in Christian Television with Crossroads "100 Huntley Street" with various different responsibilities including Vice President of Ministry and Missions, and daily Commentator on the 100 Huntley Street telecast. At retirement from Crossroads in December of 2003, Cal Bombay was convinced that, since the gifts and callings of God are irrevocable, that he must continue in Christian Ministry and in Missions. Cal has just recently returned from a trip to the Sudan. www.calbombayministries.org

Tom Zurowski
Tom Zurowski is the founder and director of Global Response Network (GRN). GRN serves as a messenger to Awaken, inspire, and motivate the Church and is a worldwide outreach of compassion. Tom is well known for his prophetic voice to the church in North America. His message has been fueled, in part, by his relationship with persecuted and suffering Christians from around the world. His travels have taken him to over a dozen nations on four continents, including China, Mexico, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Uganda, Kenya, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Thailand, and Sudan. In the past twenty years, Tom has made over sixty international ministry trips.

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Dr. James Merritt
For thousands of years, God's word has penetrated human hearts and transformed lives. So why does the Bible often collect dust on our shelves? Why don't we mine the wisdom filling its pages? Pastor James Merritt, author of the bestselling 52 Weeks with Jesus, invites you to view Scripture afresh and fall in love with the book that changes everything. These simple weekly readings will help you... Gain a big-picture view of God's message to you Apply practical life lessons from the Bible's stories and teachings Discover more about your destiny—on earth and in eternity As you explore the lives of Israel's wisest kings, God's powerful prophets, and your amazing Savior, you'll see how every subject and story in Scripture paints a picture of God's plan for humanity—including the story God wants to write with you.

Shelley Neal
Shelley Neal is a Special Education Teacher and Teacher Librarian. She is also the Executive Director and Founder of HeartStone Ministry and rEcess Kingsway. Shelley works with children of different abilities and is inspired by their determination, their passion and their love. It was watching these families come along side their child with unconditional love that inspired Debbie and Shelly to think about respite to support for these families to help alleviate the stress which has an impact on the parent relationship and the siblings. Shelley & Debbie have felt God's call to service and support these families through a respite program called “rEcess”.

Debbie Sutherland
Four years ago Debbie was assigned to work with special education teacher, Shelly Neal. Debbie says that she was going through a pretty rough time and had surrounded her heart with ice. She didn't respond to people - she reacted. She says "I was cold, hard, bitter, sarcastic and mean. My one redeeming quality was that I love the kids that I work with". Debbie found something very compelling about Shelly... no matter how nasty Debbie was to her, she always responded with kindness. Over time she accepted an invitation to attend church with Shelley and in January 2013 Debbie received Jesus as her personal Lord & Saviour. Today Shelley & Debbie have Co-founded a respite program for children with Special needs and their siblings which is called rEcess.

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Katie Orr
Southern California was home before Katie packed her bags and moved cross-country to Alabama to attend college. Though she grew up in private Christian schools, it was at Auburn University where her spiritual life became a personal pursuit. Before then, Katie thought Christianity was a bunch of do’s and don’ts. Through the discipleship ministry of Cru, she began to understand the how’s and why’s of Christianity. "How do I study my Bible and share my faith?" "Why do my decisions make a difference in my relationship with God?" "Why is reading the Bible so important?" God’s grace continues to carry Katie as she learns to walk intimately with Him. Through depression, grief, and everyday craziness, He has proven Himself faithful. http://katieorr.me/

Karen Bjerland
Karen is President and CEO of FaithLife Financial. Since joining FaithLife Financial in 1980, Karen has played pivotal roles in a number of areas where she assumed increasingly senior roles including Regional Sales Manager, Director Field & Branch Services, as well as Vice-Presidential roles in Member Services, Field Services, Brand Development, Fraternal, and Sales. Karen is passionate about stewardship and servant leadership, which she expresses through her work on several non-profit boards, such as Koinonia Homes and the Canadian Fraternal Association.

Andrew Blackwood
Andrew Blackwood is a Teen, Individual, Couple and Family Coach & Counsellor. During the last 10 years as Andrew has worked intimately with youth, parents and couples, he has seen that developing healthy relationships (with oneself and others) is the key to living a fulfilled & happy life. With a Masters in Counseling and a Doctorate in Marriage & Family, Andrew has helped 100’s of families through all kinds of difficult situations including depression, anxiety, substance use, self harm, stress, anger, self-esteem, abuse, criminal activity and overall parent / teen & relationship conflict. www.dkleadership.com

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

John Cassells
Human trafficking in the sex trade is entirely funded by the men who purchase sexual services. Street Youth Specialist, John Cassells, calls it a men’s issue, and says it's not right that women, alone, bear the burden of fixing it. John leads a team of young Christian men called Men Ending Trafficking - a project from SIM Canada which is inviting Christian men to stand against human trafficking in their own communities. www.menendingtrafficking.ca

Stephen Arterburn
Steve Arterburn co-wrote the ground breaking “Every Man’s Battle” which addressed the needs of millions of men around the world. He is now working to help people from all walks of life overcome their issues; anyone from the person who turns to food for comfort, the person who struggles with drugs, alcohol or sexual addiction- or loves someone that does, or the over achieving business person who doesn’t have a clue what work/life balance means. Together with Dr. David Stoop, Steven has co-authored the book "Take Your Life Back.” They are calling on people that react to things on a guttural level and take the time to think about and respond to problems instead. They want to help people realize that real and lasting change is possible and achievable. Steve can address problems that men and women face every day with shame, pressure to perform both at home and at work and help them learn how to balance their lives with out sacrificing who they are. http://www.takeyourlifeback.tv

Monica Catto
Monica Catto is a volunteer outreach worker with a church-based program called White Rose, helping young women escape the sex trade. White Rose is one of the agencies that partnered with MET to provide support for the witness in the human trafficking trial.

Al Snowball
Al Snowball is one of several men from Peoples Church in Toronto who volunteered their time, with Men Ending Trafficking, to support one young woman who recently testified against her former pimp in a Brampton court.

Hettie Brittz
Hettie Brittz is an author, international speaker, and one of South Africa’s foremost voices in parenting advice. She is the developer of the Evergreen Parenting Course and Tall Trees Profiles. Her new book "UnNatural Mom: Why You Are the Perfect Mom for Your Kids" is a practical and grace-filled book for every mom who failed at cloth diapers, dreads school plays, and misses the days of going to the bathroom by herself. Hettie confesses, “I skipped the moment when I was supposed to be endowed with mothering instincts.” But as she shows in this funny and heartfelt book, even the mom who feels like an unnatural mother can find joy in motherhood. Hettie gives readers permission to say mothering doesn’t come naturally to them—and she gives hope to believe that who they are is who their kids need.

Friday, January 20th, 2017

Les Sillars
Les Sillars has been a journalist for over twenty years, seventeen of those with WORLD magazine. Les Sillars is the author of the book "Intended for Evil" - a True Story of Surviving Genocide and Forging a New Life. When the Khmer Rouge took Phnom Penh in 1975, new Christian Radha Manickam and his family were among two million people driven out of the city. Over the next four years, 1.7 million people--including most of Radha's family--would perish due to starvation, disease, and horrifying violence. His new faith severely tested, Radha is forced by the communist regime to marry a woman he doesn't know. But through God's providence, he discovers that his new wife is also a Christian. Together they find the courage and hope to survive and eventually make a daring escape to the US, where they raise five children and begin a life-changing ministry to the Khmer people in exile in the US and back home in Cambodia. This moving true story of survival against all odds shows readers that out of war, fear, despair, and betrayal, God can bring hope, faith, courage, restoration--and even romance.

Julia Bayer (DECEASED)
SPECIAL VTR REPORT FEATURE - Julia Bayer was diagnosed a year ago with ovarian cancer. This past year has been a very difficult year with the treatments & major surgeries and then the quick return of cancer this past April. Through it all Julia has found that she has grown so much in her faith. She says "As hard as it's been, it's strangely been one of the best years of my life. I've learned so much more of the character of God, how He faithfully walks with us in each step. I've learned about and experienced true joy, unexplainable peace and deep-rooted hope in Christ. God has been teaching me so much through this journey and I've been privileged to share my journey on my blog, Anchor of My Soul (http://anchorofmysoulblog.blogspot.ca/2015/06/choosing-vulnerability.html).

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