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Monday, October 25th, 2021

Chuck Borsellino
Chuck has a small lump under his left jaw, but later found out it’ was cancerous. Unfortunately, their insurance was rejected by the hospital. He prayed with his wife Jennie and the hospital (UT Southwestern) called the next day saying the treatments were taken care of. At his first appointment, they got the worst case scenario: stage four cancer that had metastasized… not curable. Chuck went through a heavy schedule of various treatments -- 48 radiation and 8 chemotherapy treatments, neck surgery, and physiotherapy. Chuck and Jennie trusted God throughout their darkest days and have seen a remission of the cancer. Chuck encourages others that are suffering with life threatening illnesses to call on God – Jehovah Raffa – the God that healeth thee.

Aymie Franks
Bill and Aymie Franks got married May 2013. They had plans to raise a big family and wanted to get started right away. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. Aymie was diagnosed with stage four endometriosis and was told she could not conceive without medical help. They waited and went through an emotionally draining season; praying, standing and believing God against all odds. When they had given up, God showed up. They had a miracle baby; Lyra after three years. Five months after Lyra’s first birthday, Aymie conceived again, this time a boy!

Bill Franks
Bill and Aymie Franks got married May 2013. They had plans to raise a big family and wanted to get started right away. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. Aymie was diagnosed with stage four endometriosis and was told she could not conceive without medical help. They waited and went through an emotionally draining season; praying, standing and believing God against all odds. When they had given up, God showed up. They had a miracle baby; Lyra after three years. Five months after Lyra’s first birthday, Aymie conceived again, this time a boy!

Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Nicole Persaud
Nicole suffered with depression and an eating disorder as a teen and young adult which led to a suicide attempt early in her life. She also suffered through two serious car accidents and was also faced with the sudden death of her mother. Just before her mother passed, she came to Jesus and her life began to change. Nicole’s second car accident resulted in a concussion, PTSD, many soft tissue injuries and she was left with very limited mobility. Barely able to use a walker, she didn’t ask God for healing, but just told everyone (doctors, nurses, neighbors) about how much Jesus loved them. A few years ago, God revealed a phrase to her “Hard Wire Reset” and this phrase gave Nicole hope that God was going to heal her… a few days later while praising God at her church, she suddenly felt “the fire of God” and her body began shaking… she could walk and run with no pain at all. Nicole says: “I don’t know why He’s done this for me, but I know he can do it for others.”

Florence Blois
Florence Blois was born and raised in Onion Lake First Nation, Saskatchewan. Family was everything to her. Her mother was a church goer, so they learned early how to pray. However, being sent to Saint Anthony’s Indian Residential School took a toll on her and her parents and the community. Florence shares how she found peace and encourages others to come into the light and start living the life you were meant to lead.

Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Matt Campbell
The Cloverdale Community Kitchen began in 2011 when the City of Surrey and the RCMP approached Pacific Community Church and asked if they would provide meals for the homeless as another organization had closed their kitchen. The first meals were served from a small kitchen and everyone quickly realized a full-size commercial kitchen was needed. Through community support and a grant from the Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society, a full-size commercial kitchen was completed in 2013. In both 2017 and 2019, the Cloverdale Community Kitchen won the Not-For-Profit of the Year from the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce. Currently we serve 15,000 hot, nutritious meals through our dinner program. We helped over 800 people with food and toys through the Christmas Hamper Program. We also opened our doors for an emergency weather shelter, provided clothes to those in need through our clothing cupboard and supported people finding housing and those getting back into the workforce. Ultimately, our vision is to help Cloverdale/Surrey/Langley be a healthy and caring community for everyone. http://mycck.ca/

Brantford Blessing Centre
For more than 30 years, The Brantford Blessing Centre has provided an active community outreach and interdenominational ministry of providing food and basic necessities to Brantford residents in need of help. We truly believe "Hope Starts with A Hot Meal," and, in a welcoming and safe place for each and every person who walks through our doors, we will continue to provide any hope we can to those in our community who need a helping hand. The Brantford Blessing Centre was founded and established in 1982 as an effective, longstanding and necessary program in our community under the umbrella of Operation Blessing – an outreach program that provided aid to the poor and marginalized in various cities, including in Brantford. With the tireless support of countless volunteer hours provided by members of more than a dozen local congregations, the Blessing Centre has become a well-known and safe place in Brantford for anyone to enjoy a hot meal, warmth and fellowship. Six days each week, groups of dedicated volunteers prepare, cook and serve food to those in need of meals living in our city. When anyone walks into the Blessing Centre, they are greeted with friendly warmth, a hot meal and the love of Christ. We believe that Christ called on his followers to provide help to those in need. Anyone is welcome at the Blessing Centre. That is how Christ served the underprivileged, and we seek to follow his example. That is how we serve our community. http://brantfordblessingcentre.org

Robin Wallar
LIFT Church is a movement of Simple Churches that gather at McMaster University, Brock University, Mohawk College, University of Guelph, York University and the University of Waterloo. Collections of Simple Churches make up regions that serve the campus in their primary neighborhood. On today's program we will hear from Lift Church Lead Pastor, Robin Waller, Ina Onat who serves as Simple Church Regional Director, and Jessica Haverkamp, a McMaster University Student. http://liftchurch.ca

Niagara's Mobile Closet
Niagara’s Mobile Closet is a non-profit organization started during the pandemic when 2 friends noticed the desperate need for clothing among the vulnerable in their city (St. Catharine’s, ON). Their clientele is largely the unsheltered homeless, and low income. Converting a little used food truck (due to lockdowns) into a mobile clothing depot, Founder, Pam Nicholson has seen the demand and donations of clothing items grow in the region, as they drive to various shelters, detention centers, and assisted living homes to offer clothing and other basic necessities. As of June, they’ve helped more than 750 people in the area. Leslie a volunteers says: “Nothing can fill your heart more with joy when you give somebody something that can’t give you anything back, except their love and kindness.” NMC has also grown in partnerships with other non-profits by pooling and sharing resources. Organizations like the Niagara Furniture Bank has shared their space with Niagara’s Mobile Closet to store clothing donations. Others, like No Bare Bums has received diapers and baby clothing items from NMC. Socks and Snacks have donated food and suntan lotion. Beyond the Streets in Welland have dropped off coats in the winter. Fur coats donated to NMC have been passed to a local lady who forwards them to Nunavut where they are made into hats and gloves for children. A man sends clothing that doesn’t get used to Ghana… and the list goes on. Niagara’s Mobile Closet will be needing a new truck soon as the shutdown lessens and Itty Bitty Pie Co. wants their truck back. Pray that donations for a replacement truck come in. https://niagarasmobilecloset.com/

Major Rene Loveless
In Port aux Basques, Newfoundland, The Salvation Army worked with the provincial government, and in partnership with Marine Atlantic, to provide meals to truck drivers who have been on the front lines, throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic, transporting goods and materials to or from the ferry crossing. As food service establishments halted due to Covid-19, the truck drivers were eating very little as they made this lengthy trip to and from the island. Upon learning this, the Salvation Army stepped in for over 10 weeks, volunteers gathered to cook meals such as roast beef, turkey and ham dinners. Hot meals were prepared at a newly upgraded commercial kitchen in the Port aux Basques Salvation Army church building. From there they were transported to the visitors centre parking lot on the outskirts of town for distribution to the truck drivers. At the distribution site, our Emergency Disaster Services Mobile Unit , equipped with a microwave, was used to ensure the meals were warm when given to the truckers. The truck drivers have been overwhelmingly grateful for this gesture of kindness and care they received during a challenging time. http://SalvationArmy.ca

Thursday, October 28th, 2021

Wade Sanderson
Wade grew up in a large family of 10. His parents separated when he was young, he lived with his mother and would visit his father. He was close with his father, who passed in a boating accident 26 years ago. Wade grew up around alcohol. He would often spend time in his teenage years wandering around his community, in Pinehouse Lake Saskatchewan, underneath the full moon and wonder about the reason for his life. It wasn’t until after her graduated from high school and got a job that he began drinking. His life became consumed with work and parties. He was involved in a serious roll-over car accident; 20 minutes before the accident, he heard a voice, that he later identified as the Holy Spirit, tell him to put his seat belt on. The seatbelt saved his life. Yet, he continued to follow a path of drinking and parties. Six months later he hit rock bottom. He was involved in another serious car accident, he lost his license, his job, everything. On May 18, 2000, Wade experienced an incredible encounter with the Lord that changed his life forever. He attended a tent meeting and was overcome by the incredible love and power of God. He realized the Holy Spirit had spoken to him. He stepped forward to be baptized that day and never looked back. Wade graduated with Practical Theology from Bible College, is married to a wonderful woman, and together they are raising their young son. Wade is passionate about ministry and helping people; so passionate that he has begun a ministry called “Inspire Fire” and is now spending his time traveling to churches, schools, Bible schools, one on one calls and emails, anything he can do to minister to other people he wants to be available and ready for God to use him however he chooses. To contact Wade for speaking engagements, please use this email: [email protected]

Friday, October 29th, 2021

Laura Story
Push past the loss of your “normal” with bestselling author Laura Story and embrace the soaring freedom found in living secure in God’s love. Bible teacher Laura Story gets what it’s like to have plans altered and to surrender perceived security when faced with circumstances beyond our control. But she also understands the blessing of having a Father who loves you enough to take off the training wheels and place his beloved children in the best possible scenario for good and growth. Building on Laura’s previous two titles, When God Doesn’t Fix It and I Give Up, So Long, Normal guides us to leave behind the idols of comfort, caution, and routine so we can live strong and well, even when life takes an unwelcome turn. She says, “Jesus doesn’t just save us from hell in the next life; He saves us from our addiction to ‘normal’ lives this side of eternity. Our preference for cautious, ordinary lives is really rooted in a lack of faith and a failure to understand how much better His plan is than ours.” In her confessional, conversational style, Laura weaves her own personal stories with examples from Scripture of characters whose lives were upended by unexpected (and undesired) change. Leaving, loving, or losing our “normal” is not the end of the world but the beginning of a new adventure with God that will change us forever. http://laurastorymusic.com

Debra Fileta
Before anything else in her life, Debra Fileta is a woman in love with Jesus. That love has been the driving motivator propelling her forward in her pursuits as a wife, a mother, a licensed professional counselor, a speaker and an author. She’s married to the love of her life, who pushes her to pursue her dreams and is her number one fan! She and John are parents to four beautiful children- Ella, Elijah, Ezra, and Ethan. They live in Lancaster, PA. Debra is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in dating, marriage and relationship issues, along with a spectrum of mental health disorders and issues. She’s also the author of True Love Dates, Choosing Marriage, and Love in Every Season, Are You Really OK? and the newest book, Married Sex. She’s also the host of the Love + Relationships Podcast, a hotline style show where people call in to get their relationship questions answered! Her popular relationship advice Blog TrueLoveDates.com reaches millions of people each year with the message of healthy relationships! Debra is a regular contributor to many magazines, with over 200 articles around the web about love, marriage, dating, sex, and relationships. Her work has been featured in magazines, ministries, and publications such as Focus on the Family, The 700 Club, Family Life Today, Life Today, Proverbs 31, IAmSecond.com, ChurchLeaders.com, The Christian Post, Charisma Magazine, Converge Magazine, Christianity Today, Her.meneutics, and many others. The majority of her work is featured at her blog,https://TrueLoveDates.com/ https://areyoureallyok.com/