Radical Prayers, Radical Results

International teacher, author and speaker Sam Tita was once a rising star in the financial services sector when life suddenly threw him a curveball that shattered everything he had built. His career came to a screeching halt, his marriage of 12 years disintegrated and he wound up in a men's shelter suffering with depression.

During this time, Sam decided to publicly declare that God didn't exist. Little did he know, his wife was praying for him miles away. In the midst of writing a book that proves the non-existence of God, God met him and he surrendered his life to Christ.

In his new book, "Radical Prayers, Radical Results," Sam uses his own personal story to demonstrate how God uses radical prayers as a powerful way to turn any life around. After seeing his estranged wife, Naomi, and many others radically pray for him, Sam began to pray for himself.

As a result, he saw his life transformed, his marriage restored and his career re-directed in a big way. Today, Sam is the CEO of Pisteuōn Steel Buildings, the Executive Producer of Kingdom Buzz TV, the Publisher of iiNFLUENCE magazine, the Founder of Sam Tita Ministries and a highly sought-after speaker.

For more information on Sam, please visit his website: www.samtita.com