How Everything You're Trying to Achieve in the Christian Life Has Already Been Given to You

Bob Christopher shares his book Simple Gospel, Simply Grace - how Everything you're trying to achieve in the Christian life has already been given to you—from God, by grace, in Christ. Do you struggle to receive what God has freely given? How can you begin to experience true freedom, assurance of your forgiveness, and victory over sin? How can the power that raised Jesus from the dead enable you to live and love the way He did? You'll discover the answers in this crystal-clear portrayal of the simple gospel—which is simply grace.

A lot of people have a hard time understanding the gospel of forgiveness, that there is a God that forgives them and loves them. When they look back at what they did and the repercussions of everything they went through, they don't see how God can forgive them.

The question of can God really forgive me? Is the number one question that Bob receives on his radio show, Basic Gospel.

Bob can relate to that question as he has experienced as for a number of years his companions were fear, guilt and shame. Those emotions all went away when he figured out that Christ actually took away his sins, by shedding His blood to take away the sins once and for all, that forgiveness was his once and for all.

Can we be forgiven at all times?

"When Christ was on the cross, he looked down the corridor of time and saw everything that I was going to commit, that you were going to commit, and he died in our place" explains Bob.

All sins, past, present and future, Christ died on the cross and has forgiven every single one of our sins for everybody. A lot of people think that Christ died for the sins of a person only up to the present moment, and that we are going to have to do something when we sin again to get Jesus to forgive that and get back in the write standing with Him. This becomes a vicious cycle as when we sin we feel that God is mad at us, which is not true.  He has demonstrated His love for us while yet we were sinners, Christ died for us.

When we do sin, what does the bible tell us that we should do? Instead of asking that question we should instead ask what Christ has done and what does He do when we sin? You are supposed to look at what Christ has already done for you. That produces a heart of gratitude, that we just can't help but say Lord thank you.

"He is going to remind you of who you are in Christ, that God has set you free from sin and death, you can walk in the newness of life. Then he is going to start deal with the underlying causes. There is always the why to our activity. The Holy Spirit is going to get down to those root causes so that we can go free from that, and when those temptations and circumstances hit us again, then we are more equipped to trust him and to walk simply by faith as He initiates His grace to us" explains Bob. 

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