A Transformation from Ashes into Beauty

Typically, the main street of a small Ontario town, does not include a storefront that invites the public in - to not only shop, read, or have a coffee but to experience someone praying for them. ‘The Father's Heart Healing Centre' was opened on July 1st, 2011 for this very purpose. And it's resulted in some interesting encounters. 

 During one encounter with a curious customer, a girl started weeping and said she felt overwhelmed. Maggie Baratto - centre's Director - told her it was the Holy Spirit. The girl was later prayed for and gave her heart to Jesus. She then challenged Maggie with the idea of opening up a home for women who sexually trafficked and struggling with addictions.

Immediately Maggie thought that was a great idea.

God gave her an extraordinary vision for the home. 15 minutes after Maggie had the vision, a lady knocked on her door, telling her that God wanted her to give her a newly built home for this very purpose!

A few months later the Transformation House opened - a brand new 6 bedroom home.

It currently houses 3 residents who have seen their lives changed by prayer, counselling and true love received by the staff.

Crossroads Relief and Development is proud to be a part of this initiative to help transform lives. If you want to give to this cause, please visit our website at crossroads.ca/relief-development.

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