Bible Journaling

Reading the Bible is an important part of our growth as believers. Now there are new ways to get deeper into Gods word. Bible journaling uniquely allows you to express your creativity and worship during your personal time with God.

Carla Ponce shares what is involved in this new expression. She started when she was trying to memorize some Bible verses. She enjoys hand lettering and calligraphy. She was looking that up and saw these Bibles with wide margins. She is also a doodler in church so her Bible always had pictures. There is a whole group of people who Bible journal and express worship through this. She offers her talents and gifts back to God through this art.

There are Bibles that are made for this type of thing but some people are alarmed that people are writing on the Bible. She has different Bibles for studying and for worship. She preps the pages before she paints. She often plans what she is going to do beforehand, sometime during church she will make notes.

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