The Daniel Prayer / ANNE GRAHAM LOTZ

Anne Graham Lotz most recent book is "The Daniel Prayer: Prayer That Moves Heaven and Changes Nations".

Anne shares that the first time she came across this prayer with attention about 15 years ago. She used it as a basis for a message she gave to an international group. This message has been in her heart since. A couple of years ago as she saw the world situation and what was happening she went back and studied it in depth and felt it was time to come out with something in writing.

In the book she takes 23 verses out of Daniel 9 and that's the thesis of the book. 

To write a book like this, she has to live it out first. Not only does she study it, she meditates on it, and learns about it; and then live out her life based on what she had studied. The Daniel Prayer has been something percolating in her heart for a long time but it is coming out now because it is not an everyday kind of prayer.

The Daniel Prayer is a prayer of intensity, a prayer of passion, a desperate cry, a heart scream. It is based on Gods word that Daniel was reading. It is not a casual prayer.

Anne says, "In the power of prayer, PRAY UNTIL THE PRAYER IS ANSWERED"

There is a boldness there and it also requires commitment. Daniel was somebody who prayed through.

We often don't pray through. We finish reading the scripture, we finish reading a devotional and then we go on with our day, instead of waiting and praying it through until the prayer is answered.

Prayer has been a big part of Anne's life. She has a prayer team and a prayer room right in the middle of building of her headquarters. However, Anne says she has always found prayer a struggle. A struggle with content, concentration, and consistency. She doesn't see herself as a prayer warrior. She is not gifted in intercession.

She prays because she needs God, and she knows that.

At the beginning of her ministry, Anne asked God to bring her some women who would pray for her and He brought her seven women. One by one they came and said, "we know you are getting ready to step out into ministry and we want to pray for you". That prayer ministry has grown over time.

In the book Anne shares examples of different seasons in her life where she went to the word of God and there was a compelling desire to pray. She shares about infertility, being a mother in a small house with small kids, being shy in a very public family, the quiet moments around her mother's funeral.

Daniel was in captivity. A slave in Babylon, for 67 years. He desperately wanted to go home. He had a deep desire to leave Babylon. He put that together with a promise from Gods word. A promise from Jeremiah - After 70 years I will bring you back from captivity if you seek me with all of your heart. Daniel had the compulsion that came about when he matched the problems of his people with the promise in Gods word.

Anne shares that every time she had a problem in her life, it was matched with a promise from Gods word. She needed to have a compulsion to hold God to His word. Take God's word and pray it back to Him.

Anne wants The Daniel Prayer to be a tool to pray for the Nation (namely United States of America). A word that says we need to get right with God or peril and judgement may be upon us.

America is under judgement right now. A Romans 1 judgement. It begins when we refuse to acknowledge God and then we exchange His truth. We refuse to thank him. We are living our lives for ourselves. We could repent and turn to Him but if you don't, then God just backs away and gives us to ourselves. With America, the things that are happening are evidence that God is missing. We have stripped ourselves of God.

However, God is stirring a lot of people to pray and that is a sign of hope. Prayer can make a difference.

Judgement begins in the house of God. He holds us accountable before the world. We have substituted programs for prayer, we've substituted activity for the real life of the Holy Spirit, we've substituted materials and books for the Bible. We leave witnessing to the professionals. The world can't see a difference in those that have faith. What they see is a lot of hypocritical, self-righteous people who go to church but live the same way.

Anne's husband was promoted to Heaven last August and this September coming up they will have been married 50 years. While her husband was in bad health, she wasn't expecting him to go to Heaven that day. She fell back on her relationship with the Lord.

She was so thankful that at that moment she didn't have to scramble around to find God. Her relationship with God was already in place.

Don't wait until life throws you a curve ball.

Establish your relationship with God right now so that you have that to fall back on.

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