41 Will Come / CHUCK E. TATE

If you are going through a tough time in your life Chuck E. Tate says hang on! There is help around the corner.

Using the Biblical numeric and verses surrounding the number 40 and if you can just hang on "41" is on the way.

His book is, "41 Will Come: Holding on When Life gets Tough and Standing Strong Until a New Day Dawns".

Chuck is the pastor of Rock Church in Peoria, Illinois since 1998.

He found the places in the Bible where there is the number 40. 40 years, 40 days, 40 nights, etc. Out of that he found something spiritually that these people got through it at 41.

Chuck says that several years ago there was a band named Harvest. He was a young youth pastor and they had a CD called 41 Will Come and they had a title track with the same name. He heard this song and knew there was a message there. He decided to research the concept. From there he created a message for his youth group and it turned into a life message. It got a lot of response and that led to the idea of the book.

He was a young pastor and he read in the paper that his city was getting a football team so he decided to inquire as to whether or not they had a Chaplain for the football team. He was brought on and they made it to the playoffs and in that 15-minute pre-game message he shared the story of "41 Will Come". He shared the message that if you get stuck on the field. Don't get stuck on a 40, 41 will come. The end scored was 41 to 40. That called him to write this message out.

The importance of the number 40 in the scriptures has many examples but it is usually a time of testing. Day 41 in the scriptures is often the breakthrough day.

When people are going through those 40 hard days, so many throw in the towel and quit before that longing is fulfilled.

If we quit during times of adversity our strength is small

Proverbs 24:10

If we are going to accomplish something great, if we are going to see a breakthrough we have to wait on God and trust Him with all of our heart. We need to dig into His word and communicate what it says.

HOLD ON until that answer comes.

Everyone goes through a 40. They can look different to different people and so can their 41. Those breakthroughs can benefit us if we hold onto but others as well if we give God the glory.

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