Wedding Dresses for Haitian Women

Nicola is Co-Founder of "Floriana Wedding Project" which is about connecting brides and making a difference for families in our world. It was through 100 Huntley Street that Nicola was encouraged to adopt two children. She and her sister started Floriana to help women and older orphans in Haiti. In February, Nicola and her team of Haitian volunteers hosted 64 weddings in one day. 

Nicola Topsom has been helping women in Haiti look beautiful for their very special day. For 10 years Nicola has been going to Haiti as a volunteer with a church group. Several years ago she wanted to do something there that would create jobs, because one of the main things she realized was that many orphanages are full with children who have living parents. The parents are so poor that their only option is to relinquish their children and that is not God's plan for families.

Nicola started on Facebook with a goal of receiving ten dresses, and take them to Haiti to set up a store where people can borrow and rent the dresses, and the people who run the store can have it as their business.

Nicola set up the business to have people receive an income so they can keep their kids and raise them. The store also allows people who want to get married to afford a dress and feel beautiful for a pay what you can price. The store is filled with dresses as Canadians have been very generous in their giving of wedding dresses.   

Recently, Nicola and her team hosted a wedding for 64 couples in one day. 64 couples who have been wanted to be married forever and were now able to achieve that dream.

"You are seeing God's will done, you are seeing families connected, you're seeing love, and you're seeing God's will done" explains Nicola. 

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