Fighting Against Human Trafficking / Nathan & Alayna Purdy

Nathan is a young man with a big heart. The Purdy family have been working to raise awareness to help in the fight against human trafficking especially in regard to children that are being sold into forced labour or into sex trafficking. Funds raised from their Pennies for Freedom will go directly to the work of freeing slaves and caring for them after they have been rescued. Nathan & his sister Alayna are here to tell of their recent trip to the Philippines.

Over the years he and his family have collected over 100 million pennies, and all proceeds have gone to organizations fighting the issue of human trafficking.

From March 28 to April 27th, Nathan and his sister went to the Philippines because that country was dear to their hearts. It is their first missions trip to the Philippines and were dedicated to help in talking about human trafficking. Nathan and Alayna went to the Philippines with family and the pastor of their church to go and see what we they supporting through their ministry.

"It was tough to see the situations there. Seeing the faces of the children makes it worth it all", says Nathan. Nathan and Alayna helped with the vacation bible schools there with the children. There were Friday night programs for the children, and they were all excited to be there. Alayna met a little girl, who referred to herself as a dirty girl for sniffing glue to get rid of hunger pains. She was four years old. 

Nathan and Alayna travelled to a mountain to bless people with food.  People heard that they were coming and prepared a tribal dance for them. Nathan and Alayna hosted a banquets for prostitutes to c to show them love. However, they were not able to attend because it was a busy night for the prostitutes. However, Nathan and Alayna stayed there and worshiped. They prayed over each empty chair. 

Nathan and Alayna are still collecting pennies. To donate to their ministry, CLICK HERE