If A Wicked Man / JOHN LAWSON

John was a very violent man, part of a motorcycle gang, working as a nightclub bouncer. He used to run a brothel in London, and was a former bodyguard for the Rolling Stones. John threw it away in pursuit of money and became an international debt collector working for notorious gangsters. He took many risks and hurt many men while bowing down to this false god of money. John never believed in the God of the Bible and thought Christians were weak...

Eventually the Police caught up with John and he was sent to prison for five years for extortion. In Prison all John could think about was committing more crimes until one day a fellow inmate convinced him to go to the Christian fellowship.

John agreed and that night changed his life.  As the Gospel was shared, the following week after reading the Bible John gave his life to Jesus and everything changed. John had a new heart and a new Spirit that comes when Christ becomes your Savior. Today he is a new creation in Christ.

For more information about John's ministry visit: escapeministries.co.uk