Box of Butterflies / ROMA DOWNEY

Roma Downey is an Emmy-nominated actress who gained fame for her role as the kindhearted angel Monica in Touched by an Angel. With her husband, Mark Burnett, they produced The Bible series, A.D, The Dovekeepers and Answered Prayers for television as well as feature films Son of God, Woodlawn, Little Boy and Ben-Hur.

Roma is the President of LightWorkers Media and serves as chief content officer of, a destination website for inspiring and uplifting short content, which is a longtime supporter of Operation Smile and Compassion.

Roma Downey has released her beautiful book "Box of Butterflies," which is filled with encouragement and hope, assuring us of God's comforting presence in our lives.  In this deeply personal book, Roma Downey shares stories from her life, alongside quotes, poems, scripture and artwork that she prays will uplift you as they have her.  Each grace-filled chapter of this beautiful, full-color book covers topics such as courage, strength, gratitude, love and kindness.

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