I Am Rahab: Touched by God, Fully Restored / AUTUMN MILES

Autumn Miles is a dynamic speaker and host of "The Autumn Miles Show," which airs on the Salem Radio Network in Dallas. In her new book, "I Am Rahab: Touched by God. Fully Restored," Autumn shares how she overcame her own past of domestic violence and divorce. Using the biblical character of Rahab the harlot, Autumn shows readers how God can use their mistakes for good. "For years, I carried the shame and weight of my past. I was ‘Autumn the Divorcee' or ‘Autumn the Abuse Victim,'" She said: "I connected with biblical characters known for their failures. But when I found Rahab, I saw a woman whom God used, despite a sordid past." Throughout the book, Autumn uses her personal story, as well the biblical account of Rahab, to show God's restoration. www.autumnmiles.com.