Mysteries of the Messiah / RABBI JASON SOBEL

ho doesn't love a mystery? Whether we're binge-watching a series on Netflix or turning book pages late into the night, we are driven by the desire to uncover clues and figure things out. Many of these stories revolve around a central figure, the protagonist, who works to solve the mystery and save the day. The Bible is one of my favorite mystery books. From the opening words of Genesis to the final chapter of Revelation, God's Word is filled with tantalizing clues, fascinating revelations, and an extraordinary plot. Many of the Bible's mysteries have nagged at our imaginations for centuries. There are odd characters, dysfunctional families, bloody battles, and courageous heroes yet incredible wisdom within the writings. And readers ask, Who is this mystifying protagonist called the Messiah, the Redeemer who will come to save the world? Mysteries of the Messiah will help you unlock some of these mysteries.