The Faithful Project / GINNY OWENS AND AMY GRANT

Highlighting God's faithfulness to women throughout Scripture and all the way to the present day, The FAITHFUL Project is a collection of stories, music, lyrics, and art created and curated by some of the most thought-provoking and influential Christian artists and authors of our time. Encapsulated into a book, music, and live event, FAITHFUL came to life the winter before the pandemic when a group of well-known and respected authors and songwriters gathered as a community to write and sing. Their work became FAITHFUL, songs and stories of God's kindness to women throughout history and here with us today. The album, FAITHFUL: Go And Speak, releases on April 30, while the book, FAITHFUL, is out the day following, May 1, the same day of the Livestream event. The album's first single to release, titled "A Woman," is now available on all digital platforms and features six-time GRAMMY® Award winner Amy Grant and multi-GMA Dove Award® winner Ellie Holcomb. Along with "A Woman," each song on the special thematic album features a woman telling the story of God's faithfulness throughout Scripture to the present day.