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Monday, September 17th, 2018

Kevin Garratt
Kevin & Julia Garratt were caught in a diplomatic relations nightmare. After living in China for over 30 years, the Garratts were arrested and charged with spying and espionage by China’s Ministry of State Security. Prayers were answered, and they returned to Canada on September 15, 2016 after being detained for 775 days.

Julia Garratt

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

Barry Meguiar
Barry Meguiar represents the third generation of the company his grandfather founded in 1901. Barry shares his personal faith story and how his faith has impacted the success of Meguir's Car Wax through the years. www.meguiars.com

Selena Jamal
For much of her life Selena was miserable. She felt trapped in a cage and couldn’t forgive all the terrible experiences from her past. She was angry, depressed and bitter. Selena's parents divorced and for a time she would still visit with her father until her mother decided this was no longer a positive thing for her. As a result, Selena really missed having a father in her life and she began to seek what she thought she was missing through other, unhealthy relationships and through living a lifestyle which included alcohol, drugs and partying. So many things along her journey led Selena to the end of her rope and she tried to commit suicide by way of a drug overdose. Thankfully she was not successful. Selena still continued down a path which led to more heartbreak when she became involved in an unhealthy relationship during which she became pregnant. Complications during her pregnancy led to Selena almost losing her precious daughter. It was at a critical time in her pregnancy that Selena reached out to Jesus and received Him as her personal Lord and Savior. Since then Selena is walking out her faith daily and teaching her young daughter about Jesus!

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Brody Haight
As a child, Brody grew up in a loving, hard-working and supportive family. Growing up they didn't practice going to church, but overall he had a concept of who God was but not the Gospel. At a early age Brody struggled with learning, anxiety and depression. In grade school Brody began to smoke Marijuana, which led to an addiction to alcohol and cocaine. Over the course of 10 years Brody overdosed 3x, was arrested countless times and hospitalized. He spent time in provincial jail, in rehab institutions, attended addiction classes, mental health classes, and had multiple near-death experiences. About 6 years ago Brody hit his lowest point and life was totally unmanageable. He ended up at a private rehabilitation center and during the first conversation he had with a man there, he was told “Brody You need God”. When he asked who God was? He said, "Brody that is for you to find out." That comment started him on a spiritual journey of searching who the true God was. Brody said, "The best decision I ever made was to turn from my sin and put my faith in Jesus Christ. Today because of His relationship with Jesus his life & focus has been completely turned around. Brody works for e3Partners/ I am Second. He is a fulltime self-funded missionary raising support. His position is a Canadian Coach. Brody is involved in mobilizing multiple church’s in Canada to evangelize the community and around the World, providing teaching tools and ways to engage others with the Gospel. www.e3partners.org; www.e3partners.org; www.e3partners.org >https:// www.e3partners.org (to donate to Brody’s Missionary Fund).

Troy Walker
Troy Walker is a business entrepreneur from Alberta, ON. He currently owns and runs more than a dozen companies. Looking back, Troy finds himself in amazement at how God can take someone so broken and seemingly worthless, and turn it around for His purpose and glory. Troy bought into the lie and went down a wrong path. He got involved with the wrong crowd and started using drugs when he was 8 years old. He had no hope. His life started turning around though when he met a group of Christians and thanks to the love of his fellow Christians, Troy came to know the Lord and gave his life to Christ. His life was never the same again.

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Jeff Nene
Jeff Nene, National Spokesperson for Convoy of Hope - an organization that delivers hope by sharing food, water, emergency supplies, agricultural know-how, and opportunities that empower people to live free of poverty and hunger. He is here to give an update on the relief efforts they were able to provide for those in Puerto Rico who were affected by Hurricane Maria as a result of the generous donations given by the 100 Huntley Street viewers. www.convoyofhope.org

Ndondo Mutua Mulli
Ndondo is the fourth born biological daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Esther Mulli, founders of Mully Children’s Family. She currently works as the Operations Director with Mully Children’s Family group of Homes and Schools. She oversees the operations of organization programs and all the 6 MCF projects. Ndondo is a holder of Degrees in Business Administration, and Community Development with Masters Degrees in Human Resource and Strategic Management. She has additional specialised training in child rights programming; youth empowerment and mentorship; project monitoring and evaluation; church ministry; youth ministry, HIV and AIDs among others. Over the years, she has been involved in supporting and providing strategic leadership in program work, developing and implementing projects, leading and enhancing the capacity of project teams, resource mobilization, reporting, monitoring, and evaluation. In formal employment, Ndondo worked with an international fresh vegetables export company, where she was in charge of EuroGAP audits, trainings and induction of new members on EUROGAP, GLOBAL GAP and ISO certifications. The assignment required exact knowledge in statistics, monitoring and evaluation as well as team leadership. Ndondo has provided consultancy services in Kenya with various organizations in developing Human Resource policies, strategic plans, monitoring and evaluation frameworks, mentorship and girl Child challenges. She is very passionate about mainstreaming child rights, child protection issues, girl child empowerment and building the capacity of staff on auditing, monitoring and evaluation systems. Ndondo has facilitated trainings, conducted researches, surveys and evaluations and involved in development of training manuals for organizations in Kenya. www.mullychildrensfamily.org

Faith Achieng
Faith is the second of four siblings whose uneducated parents where jobless, and unfortunately, Faith’s father died when she was 3 years old. Her mother could not sustain the family alone. They often lacked food, clothing, and health care and after a while the place they called home (a grass thatched hut) fell apart leaving them homeless. At a conflicting time in her life, a man, twice her age approached Faith with promises of providing for her needs and taking her to school but the man took advantage of her and defiled her. The young innocent girl got pregnant and the man told her he wanted nothing to do with her. Faith was rescued by MCF to join the Vocational Program. A chance of a new life had been given to her. Her hope was reignited. www.mullychildrensfamily.org

Friday, September 21st, 2018

Jonathan Cain
Jonathan Cain, long-time keyboardist and rhythm guitarist in Journey, is no stranger to writing songs about belief. He helped co-write “Don’t Stop Believin”, one of the bestselling hits of all time. Now on his new Christian album, What God Wants to Hear, Jonathan shares personal songs about his faith journey. This album has fulfilled Jonathan in a profound way. “I’ve never felt this close to the Lord in a long time”. Jonathan hopes these songs will help others feel the same. http://jonathancainmusic.com/

Dawn Owens
Dawn Owens is the founder and executive director of "The Link of Cullman County," a ministry addressing poverty founded in March 2012 that serves over three thousand people a year in twenty-three locations. She is the host of “Lunch at the Link,” a radio show on Praise 97.9 FM, and Dawn also blogs regularly at dawnmowens.com. Her newly released book is called "Like Me or Not". There is a difference between being someone other people like and being defined by what others think. Some people are so addicted to approval that their lives spiral out of control creating discontent, depression, and alienation. Recovering approval addict Dawn Owens identifies all the ways craving approval can negatively impact our lives, and offers sound, biblical strategies to overcome them. Using her own and other's stories as relatable examples, Dawn shares the journey to an identity found only in Christ. www.dawnmowens.com/' >http:// www.dawnmowens.com/'

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