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Monday, November 19th, 2018

Wendell Betts
Wendell Betts grew up in a Christian home but admits that he never truly understood God’s grace. At the age of 48, Wendell became very ill, very quickly. Wendell would learn, following many health tests, doctor appointments and hospitalizations, that he suffered with very severe Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and his lungs were functioning at 23% capacity. The prognosis was grim as doctors told him that he was not eligible for a lung transplant due to his condition. The best he could hope for was to remain stable and he was sent home. During a very low moment of desperation, as Wendell was talking with God and asking Him some very tough questions, God spoke to him and encouraged him with these words “Wendell, I can do more with what is left of you than you could do with the best of you”. Wendell is with us today to share more about that moment and the impact it had and continues to have on his life.

Carrie Hung Ching Yee
Late 2005, Carrie was diagnosed with two problems with her womb; a lesion and a polyp in the uterus. Hence, Doctors told her she couldn’t have children until those issues were resolved. Disappointed, scared and worried, she got upset with God. While questioning God, she had an encounter that broke her; she repented from being the rude and arrogant. By her next visit to the hospital, she was completely healed. Except she was advised not to get pregnant yet, because another problem loomed; a urinary tract infection. She had her first prolonged unsuccessful surgery that lasted 4 hours instead of 45 minutes; and was scheduled for a second surgery 6-months after because of a swollen kidney. But just before the surgery, Carrie prayed, submitting to the will of God and had peace. Right inside the surgical room, Doctors found no scars or problems with her kidney. The infection was gone, her kidney perfect!

Tuesday, November 20th, 2018

Mustafa is a young professional who grew up in a Muslim home and began his search for truth. Immigrating to Canada at age 14, his family believed Canada was a Christian nation. But to Mustafa, that didn’t make sense. Deeply troubled in his search, Mustafa almost took his own life, until Jesus changed everything!

Tommy Tsui
Tommy's journey to believe that God could heal began when he was a science researcher who was called to ministry. After seeing his wife Carrie healed, he began to encourage others in his church to pray. He tells the story of one dramatic healing of a single mom (Lisa) who was healed of ovarian cancer.

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

Deepa Akka
Deepa grew up in a family with a strong Hindu religious background and lots of traditions and rituals. She got married to her husband with out prior knowledge of his Chrsitian background and this relationship influenced her spiritual perspective. Deepa's life was changed following a prayer over a conflict with a friend. Today, she and her husband lead Baruch Adonai Ministries in Hyderabad, India. www.baruchadonaiministries.org

Jamie-Lynn Minoose
Jamie's father died when she was a teenager, which sent her on a downward spiral. She got involved with the wrong crowd, and eventually started dating a gang member. She quickly found herself involved in prostitution and drug addiction. After getting kicked out of the last place that would accept her, Jamie had a meltdown in a resturant which was the best/worst thing to happen to her. While in jail, Jamie reached out for God and He showed up in a powerful way. Today Jamie works on the streets through Shekinah Ministries serving women who find themselves imprisoned in the very thing from which she was set free.

Mathew Embry
At 19 years, Mathew was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and was terrified! His father’s scientific background brought some breakthrough research to his condition through a drastic change in diet and physical exercise. Aside from MS, Mathew also struggled with depression and anxiety. The two disappeared totally after he found the truth – a relationship with Jesus Christ. His dietary and physical exercises also became a spiritual discipline with strength and motivation from God. Mathew is the creator of MS hope; an online resource for those dealing with MS and similar conditions. He also produced a feature film; Living Proof to give hope to those living with MS.

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

Connie Jakab
At eight, Connie came to the realization at camp that Jesus wasn’t just someone to believe in, but someone to give my life to and to follow and He has become the 'reason' for living. The greatest revelation Connie has had in her faith has been regarding her son and his struggle with mental health. He was diagnosed at the age of 6 with anxiety/depression, oppositional defiance disorder, aspergers, and ADHD. At the age of 8 he was threatening suicide and was taken to the Calgary Children’s Hospital where he stayed for three weeks and while there was given advice that reflected God's relationship with us and it changed her life. Today Connie's son is doing much better. Connie has written a book about God’s transforming love called, "When The Dead Live" available at http://conniejakab.com

Justin Burke
Justin Burke, singer-songwriter, social media personality, and university student tackles thirty of the biggest issues bombarding this social media saturated generation around self-worth, confidence, relationships, insecurities, and purpose in life. In "More Than Liked", Justin shares lessons he has learned from his own life and offers practical solutions and inspirational encouragement throughout its pages. As a rising young leader, Justin speaks to the heart of his generation, empowering people to confidently embrace their worth and value and follow the unique passions and dreams God has put inside them. www.justinburkemusic.com/' >http:// www.justinburkemusic.com/'

Mariette McDonald
Mariette was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2012, and also suffered a significant neck fracture. The chaplain from Menno Place, where Mariette was living, remembers that she didn't think Mariette would recover because of the severity of her condition. After praying for Mariette and "asking God for mercy and bringing her back and it was a long journey but then she came back, and suddenly she was getting so much better. Not just physically, but also cognitively." Mariette believes it was a miracle: There's no way, without intervention by God, it has to be God. It's a miracle, because no nothing else would have taken me out of there.” Mariette's daughter, Audrey talks about how her mom wants to make a difference: "Because she wants to help people, she wants to ensure that people understand what Alzheimer’s is, what dementia is, ‘cause honestly until you experience it, it’s hard to believe that this happens. It’s hard to believe that somebody comes back from this. So yeah, it’s a miracle for sure. No question."

Friday, November 23rd, 2018

David Eaton
David Eaton cofounded Axis in 2007. Every year Axis speaks to 20,000+ students face-to-face and every week Axis' digital products equip 50,000+ pastors, parents, grandparents, and teachers. In 2017 Axis helped start 1 million conversations between caring adults and their 8- to 18-year-olds. David has led partnerships between Axis and: Family Life, MOPS, Young Life, Youth for Christ, Word of Life, Focus on the Family, 100 Huntley Street, the Association of Christian Schools International, The Colson Center, Carenet, and many many others. He's been featured on the Family Life Today radio show and he has authored a chapter in Dennis and Barbara Rainey's book The Art of Parenting. David received his degree in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Mathematics from LeTourneau University, where he served as Student Body President ... and also fit 11 Kenyan amputees with low-cost high-performance prosthetic legs. He has spent a total of 10 months in 17 foreign countries and he is currently visiting the foreign land of "GenZ" as the Youth Pastor at his local church. David has been married 9 years to his intelligent and creative wife Lindsey and they have a 6 year old, Shiloh Abigail, a 2 year old, Zion Daniel, and a 9 month old Vale Calvary. David plays the drums and ukulele and he is always collecting great questions that will start great conversations. https://axis.org/

Bill Franks

Aymie Franks
Bill and Aymie Franks got married May 2013. They had plans to raise a big family and wanted to get started right away. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. Aymie was diagnosed with stage four endometriosis and was told she could not conceive without medical help. They waited and went through an emotionally draining season; praying, standing and believing God against all odds. When they had given up, God showed up. They had a miracle baby; Lyra after three years. Five months after Lyra’s first birthday, Aymie conceived again, this time a boy!

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